The main advantage

  1、The main products by using Europe imported ceramic, So they can solve the problems of ceramic锚点锚点wear-ability from 锚点锚点fountainhead,which are suitable for high-speed fourdrinier machines above 800m/min.

2、Support pieces by using of super glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), to ensure ceramic juncture no crack.

3、Original coattails self-locking structure, which eliminate the piano keys happens.

4、Unique bonding process and joint processing technology, which enable the juncture difficult to find.

5、Original mechanical polishing technology, which make ceramic surface roughness much lower.

6、To optimize the dewatering elements configuration scheme, not only improve the锚点锚点 dewatering capacity, but also guarantee 锚点the paper evenly degrees.

7、Advanced and perfect quality monitoring system, to ensure the products quality.

9、Accurate installation and perfect after-sale service, to make sure the users no worries.