Ceramic dewatering elements is the best dewatering equipment of the middle and high speed Fourdrinier wire part. Its internal quality, precision, configured installation will directly affect the dehydration effect, web forming and life of the shaping network. ABM dewatering elements are mainly imported from Europe ceramics with international advanced level .

   (一)、Forming board

      Photos (Chart arcuate grooved FIG forming shoe, high to low chart, with overall box diagram)


Raw materials are from European wear-resistant ceramic, alumina purity as high as 99.6%.


Seamless in whole paper machine running direction


With the unique structure ---‘dual dovetail + locking key’, it effectively avoid the scratches on forming wire because of the piano keys phenomenon.


Various Guide plates for different kinds of high-speed paper machine, such as

clip wire paper machine 没查到对应的专业单词,不知道对不对, fourdrinier, sheet forming and dewatering needs

  (二)、 Hydrofoil

  Ultraviolet light, rear angle chart, with overall box diagram


UV detection, it effectively prevents the risk from cracking tiles


Depending on the machine parameters, we designed different foil-angles to form negative pressure zone. This effectively solved the contradiction between the web formation and dehydration speed between;


Flatness ≦ 0.10mm, straightness ≦ 0.15mm, joints ≦ 0.02mm; surface roughness ≦ Ra0.4μm

  (三)、MTR blade

Depending on the machine parameters to design different α, β angle, by positive and negative pressure zones to form more turbulence micro-pulse, which effectively improve the evenness of the web.



Depending on the machine parameters, we calculate the height differences between the different dewatering plates, forming multiple micro-pulse to strengthen effects of dehydration, and improve web formation.

   (五)、Top former

(Picture) bidirectional dehydration, reduce web sidedness


pneumatic tubes,
   (七)、Wet suction box
With reasonable opening ratio and low friction coefficient, we can effectively reduce the kinetic energy of vacuum to extend the service life to forming networks.

   (八)、 Flat suction box cover

Depending on the machine parameters, our company uses different materials ceramic panels, the surface roughness maximum less than Ra0.1,a mirror-like. Meanwhile, with adjustable water lubricated edge, it can reduce the kinetic energy of vacuum and extend the service life of forming networks. Especially those with PX ceramic panel, the maximum speed of adaptation up to 3000 m / min or more.


It’s suitable for high-speed machine or network folder transfer cover. The radian is smooth, precise, so that during the transfer molding network pressure evenly and avoid momentary pulse pressure increased sharply and panels unilateral wear.

   (十)、felt box cover

The company uses integrated structure or panel form, which completely solved suction slit narrowed, pour in the porcelain pieces, vacuum-side leakage and other problems due to over-level vacuum.

High-speed machine imports magnesium stabilized zirconia, special silicon nitride, PX composite ceramics and other materials, both smooth and wear-resistant, those a  an effective solution to blankets hair loss and panel excessive wear.